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We need your help!

Position (three months or more Training )starts ASAP or 2015 December.
Toyota Life Joy English school in Tachikawa, Tokyo is seeking a native English speaker for our learning school. Four or Five days a week or more. We seek an experienced teacher. The ideal candidate will be energetic, flexible, enjoy working with children and adults and have understanding of Japanese.

2,000 Yen per children class.
three months or more training.
Paid training period. (1,500~2,500Yen per class. depends on experience.) Transportation costs provided. Helped Visa.

You must attend the Teacher Training Certificate Program. You won’t receive pay but the seminar participation fees will be paid by the company.

We currently have two to six lessons per day. Lessons are 40 - 60 minutes.
The base rate is 2000 yen per lesson.

The starting time depends on the day. Mostly from 14:00~(Include warm up time)
You can work at another school in the morning. No Tachikawa and Hino area.

Please visit our website and get an idea of our school before applying.

Please email or send a letter your Japanese and English resume with a cover letter and your picture to the contact details listed below. Please include all relevant teaching experience and what materials you have experience with i.e. textbooks and all workshops you attended. All qualified applicants will be contacted immediately.

Add: 1-2-14 Hagoromo-cho, Tacikawa, Tokyo, 190-0021 Japan
Tel : 042-521-7210 Fax: 042-522-0379
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