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A Native Teacher Wanted!!
We need your help!

☆Type of work☆
Native English Teacher for children
Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo * Train ( Chuo line get off at Tachikawa station)

Days/HoursDuties and JobDescription
Tue – Fri 13:00 – 20:30 1 or 2 days in a week or more.

** Needs at least 3 hours extra work a week (Full time teacher)**
-Planning for classes (Baby to junior high school students, Average class size: 8 kids, 50 minute-class.)
-Preparation of classes -Students’ care
-Attend school events(Halloween/Christmas/Field trip etc…
-Attend specified workshops (Making skits)
-Writing 3 reports cards in a year about the each classes and 1 report every month.
-Help with student enrollment -Sharing ideas that might help the school
-Professional attitude -Ability and desire to work with children.
-A Bachelor's degree -Experience of teaching children.
-100% commitment to a one-year-contract.
-Applicants must reside in Japan and should be able to come for an interview

*** A criterion for selection ***
1. documentary elimination

2. Interview and short demo lesson (面接とデモレッスン)

3. More detailed (詳しい説明と詳細)

4. Final selection (最終書類選考)

5. Make Contracts(契約成立)

6. Training starts about 3 months or more (3カ月の研修スタート)

7. Go to Mat Method seminar. (マット メソッドの研修へ参加)

8. Can be a main Teacher!!

Please visit our website and get the idea of our school before applying.
Please send a letter, email or fax your complete Japanese and English resumes with a cover letter and your picture to the contact details listed below. Please include all relevant teaching experience and what materials you have experience with i.e. textbooks.. All qualified applicants will be contacted immediately.

(Contact) Machiko Taguchi
Toyota Tokyo Kyoiku Center
Life Joy English School
1-2-14 Hagoromocho Tachikawashi Tokyo
TEL : (042)521-7210 FAX : (042)522-0379
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